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Blocked pipes or overflowing drains? Our team can swiftly resolve your problem at a cost-effective price, with excellent service guaranteed. 

Our Drain Cleaning Services

We offer reliable and responsive drain cleaning services across Geelong and Melbourne, residential and business clients, as well as body corporates and real estates. Using the latest 5000 PSI water jetter technology, we safely cut drain, toilet and pipe blockages, even if tree roots are causing the issue.

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Residential Drain Cleaning

Whether it’s your sink, toilet, shower or outdoor drains, we will have it fixed in a fast and efficient manner. With powerful high-pressure water jetter systems that cut through the toughest clogs and blockages, we ensure the job is done properly the first time around, and in a cost-effective way.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and functional drainage system for businesses and commercial properties, which is why we prioritise responsiveness and dependability in our services. Whether you are a business owner or property manager, you can trust us to efficiently address all your drain cleaning needs.

High Pressure Drain Cleaning

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our skilled technicians apply powerful water pressure to blast away debris and buildup, ensuring your drains are clear and flowing smoothly. Trust us for efficiently unclogging even the toughest of drain blockages.

Unblocking Pipes

Blocked pipes can quickly ruin your day. Our advanced water jetters deliver high-pressure water blasts to safely and effectively clear almost any blocked pipe and restore water flow. If you have tree roots or other obstructions, we’ll manage it, and can also assist with any leaks or damaged pipes while we are there. 

blocked drain pipe

Camera Inspection

Stubborn drainage and pipe issues may require a closer look to work out the underlying cause. We use state-of-the-art camera systems to identify and report on any leaks, blockages or damage that may be causing your problem, ensuring the right course of action is taken the first time round.

Water Jet Drain Cleaning

Our water jet drain cleaning services are trusted and dependable, serving residential and commercial clients in Geelong and Melbourne. We cater to body corporates and real estate as well. Utilising our powerful 5000 PSI high-pressure water jetting system, we effectively clear drains and even tackle certain types of tree roots. By resolving your present plumbing issues, we also help safeguard against potential future problems.

Drain & Sewer Pipe Locating

We use advanced equipment to locate underground sewer pipes. Our skilled team accurately identifies non-conductive pipes and provides comprehensive information for efficient project planning. Trust us for reliable sewer pipe locating services and a thorough understanding of the site before starting any project.

Unblocking Toilets

No one likes dealing with a blocked toilet, but you can count on our team to attend and take care of it for you. We’ll make sure that any stubborn issues are resolved when we attend, and get your toilet back into working order in no time.  

blocked toilet

Removing Tree Roots

Invasive or overgrown tree roots can cause a lot of damage to existing pipe and drainage systems, causing severe and ongoing issues if not dealt with properly. Our team uses safe and effective methods to remove root obstructions, preventing future problems and costly repairs down the track.

Blocked Sewer Pipes

Our team is dedicated to promptly resolving issues related to blocked sewer pipes. If you are experiencing problems such as overflowing wastewater or toilet water, or if your toilet is not flushing properly, it is crucial to address the blockage immediately. This will prevent any potential water damage to your property and ensure a hygienic environment.

Damaged Pipe Repairs

Cracks, leaks and corrosion are a common issue in older buildings but can affect any property. We will identify the problem and assess the extent of the damage, presenting  the most cost-effective method to repair your pipes. We’ll make sure we address the problem in a way that prevents ongoing issues, too.

Stormwater Pipes

Leaving stormwater pipes damaged or blocked can create much worse problems, like costs and losses caused by flooding, heavy rainfall or overflow from nearby burst pipes. Our team will ensure your stormwater pipes are clear of debris and damage, proactively preventing flooding and protecting your home or business from future repairs.

Grease Trap Cleaning

We offer a dependable grease trap cleaning service and waste removal for both residential and commercial clients in Geelong and Melbourne. Perfect for restaurants, cafes & hotels. We utilise advanced techniques and effectively clean and deodorise your grease interceptors, leaving them free of any unpleasant odors.

Downpipe Clearing

Keeping your downpipes clear and free of buildup is vital to protect your home or premises. Left unchecked, continual exposure to rainfall can cause damage to your home’s walls, surfaces and structural aspects of your home. Mould may also set in, or other areas of your home may flood. Our team will give your downpipes a deep clean and address repairs to safeguard your property.

Gutter Cleaning

Our Geelong gutter cleaning services provide hassle-free maintenance and repairs. Our dedicated team specialises in efficient gutter and downpipe clearing, ensuring clear and unobstructed gutters.

Storm Water Drain Cleaning

If blocked stormwater drains are not fixed, they can cause serious problems. Our Geelong team has experience maintaining stormwater drains for businesses and residents. We prevent flooding and damage by clearing roots and debris from your drains. Using water jets, we remove blockages and keep your drainage system working.

General Plumbing

If you have other plumbing issues that may be affecting your drainage, or general problems that need to be addressed, we are happy to help. We specialise in keeping pipes and drains flowing, but we can attend to any other issues you may be experiencing at the same time – just let our friendly team at Cre8flow know.

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