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Tree roots causing blocked drain pipes? Our team offers cost-effective tree root removal, preventing further damage to your plumbing system.

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Removing Roots from Your Drains

Removing tree roots from drains can be a big job without the right equipment, but leaving them unattended can cause significant damage to your drainage pipes. Cre8flow provides reliable tree root removal services across Geelong for residential, commercial, and real estate clients, using a high pressure water jetter to clear tree roots and blockages.

Using this system, and other methods necessary, we efficiently remove invasive tree roots from sewer lines, drain pipes, and sewage systems, ensuring an unobstructed flow.

Tree Root Removal From Sewer Lines

When tree roots invade sewer lines, the result is usually blocked drains or broken sewer pipes. If the root system is causing obstruction, it also increases the likelihood of other debris being caught in the sewer system. Depending on the severity of the issue, our team will employ various techniques to rectify the problem, including high-pressure water jetting and sewer line inspection.

To efficiently remove roots, we may use a CCTV drain camera to get a clear view of the situation and check for damaged pipes. This will immediately solve the blockage and prevent further damage, restoring the smooth flow of your sewage systems. If root growth has already caused significant damage, we may also utilise pipe relining to fortify the sewer line against future root intrusion.

This is similar to adding a protective layer inside the pipe rather than the costly exercise of removing damaged pipes and replacing them. Removing roots may only be one part of the problem, and we can talk to you about your long-term options when we attend.

Drain Pipe Root Clearance

Are roots causing havoc in your drain pipes? Our team ensures swift and effective removal, utilising the latest technology, such as CCTV drain cameras, to identify root blockages. We clear the roots and implement preventive measures, including root cutting and drainage pipe maintenance, to ensure a clear pathway and prevent future blockages in your plumbing system.

Preventive Root Removal

Safeguard your drainage system with our proactive root removal services, which we can organise regularly to avoid blocked drains and prevent tree roots from blocking your drainage system. We remove existing roots and implement preventative measures to prevent future tree root damage.

This option is a great longer-term solution for those who wish to keep the tree or trees that are impacting drain pipes, underground pipes or stormwater drains. You won’t need to remove the tree or kill roots, but instead, have a regular service to avoid tree roots from affecting your plumbing system.

Through a combination of root cutting, pipe relining work, and educating customers to avoid planting trees near sewer or drainage lines, we aim to increase the longevity of your pipes and prevent future blockages.

Emergency Root Removal Services

Our emergency root removal services are available 24/7 for immediate solutions to tree root issues. Our team will respond promptly, utilising high-pressure water jetting, root cutters, and rock salt treatments when necessary.

We aim to prevent further damage to your plumbing system, providing immediate relief during critical situations. We can provide a temporary fix if needed and discuss longer-term solutions to drain cleaning and clearing roots.

Root Removal for Broken Pipes

Facing issues with broken pipes due to invasive roots? Our specialised team will address the source of the problem. We remove roots from broken pipes, utilising sewer laterals and advanced equipment. We may use a root cutter, rock salt solution or high-pressure water jet in combination with a CCTV drain camera or pipe relining if damaged pipes can be saved.

This comprehensive approach not only resolves the immediate issue but also prevents further damage to your plumbing infrastructure.

Professional Plumbing Services

Trust our experienced plumbers for comprehensive root removal and plumbing services. Our offerings go beyond root removal; we provide sewer line inspection, stormwater drain maintenance, and immediate solutions for burst pipes. We understand the complexities of root systems and use our expertise to ensure the efficient functioning of your drainage system.

Professional Tree Root Removal Services

Need assistance removing tree roots from drains?

Don’t let tree roots damage your plumbing and cause ongoing drain system issues. Contact us now for swift and professional tree root removal services in Geelong and Melbourne.

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